Certified USA Boxing Coach

My name is Edson Rocha and as a Silver Level USA Boxing Coach my goal is to maintain the integrity and respect for the sport and its history, while promoting physical conditioning, mental discipline and skill development among practitioners who are also interested in the principles of authentic boxing for recreation or competition.

Boxing training should be approached progressively and with proper technique to minimize the risk of injury.

Working with a qualified boxing coach will help you develop a training program that suits your fitness level, goals, and ensures safety throughout your journey.

My training program emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship, discipline, and physical fitness, including all aspects of boxing such as stances, footwork, punches technique, defensive maneuvers and sparring drills.



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ANNAPOLIS boxing training approach

My goal is to make the sport of boxing enjoyable and more accessible to people of all ages, genders, races and abilites, from beginners to experienced boxers. 

If you’re on the fence about getting started, boxing is an activity that anyone can participate in. In your first class we will assess your goals, needs and abilities and design a training plan for you. Together we will ensure your goals are achieved, whether they are to improve your technique or just increase your fitness level.

The tailored classes allow participants to choose their own goals and intensity level with individualized coaching or modifications for people with different abilities or body types.

Come train with me and you will experience all the physical and mental benefits of authentic boxing training (Olympic style).

We will work side by side on developing your technique, footwork and physical conditioning through different drills, mitt work, bag work, shadow boxing, partner drills and sparring in a friendly and welcoming environment.

I look forward to help you achieve your goals! 

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“A Trainer Works For A Paycheck.
 A Coach Works For A Passion” - Martin Rooney, "Training for Warriors"